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Delarift is a Geopolitical Minecraft Factions server with custom weaponry,Quests and a large-scaled map of Europe to Explore, More Given information is in the official Discord Server, if you want to know more, make sure into giving Deltarift, an RPG,Geopolitical Faction server a try, We await you for your Enlarge conquest and your Exploration throughout our Existence, You are rather more welcome than ever.

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We are a closely connected group of people who came together to create and fulfill what we think makes a fun, engaging and most of all, unique Minecraft experience. After brief discussions, we came together and formed what is known today as the Deltarift Network; often described to be a geopolitical minecraft server with a taste of MMO and RPG, incorporating elements from both genres. We are the staff team of the Deltarift Network, and we hope that you can join our server and let us provide you with the best experience possible.


More than just a server, but a game.

Our vision for this server is to create a place where all players could come together and create their own community experience. We put players first, by letting them carve their own story on the server. We want to let players be able to claim their homeland and conquer vast lands across all of Europe, or fight in engaging storylines and adventures with deep and realistic characters and plots. We want to let players engage in a thrilling player-run economy, and gather custom weapons of all shapes and sizes to fight in a new form of combat never seen before in Minecraft.

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